• Nicholas Throup

    Nicholas Throup

  • Andrea Bico

    Andrea Bico

  • Tengis Batsikhan

    Tengis Batsikhan

  • Madhurita M

    Madhurita M

    Product leader,mentor to young adults, trained fine-arts professional, obsessive learner ,valorous story-teller, destroyer of glass ceiling ,explorer at heart

  • GoCap Financial

    GoCap Financial

    GoCap Financial provides modern, flexible, and innovative financial solutions to help businesses move forward. http://gocapfinancialwest.com

  • Todd Lankford

    Todd Lankford

    Todd is an Executive and Enterprise Agile Coach with 25 years in consulting. His coaching is focused on making Agile simple again.

  • Bronte Boland

    Bronte Boland

    Designing with data and heart.

  • Kelly Paulino

    Kelly Paulino

    Being the change I want to see in the world.

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